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A Sanctuary for Black Art, Culture,
Intellect, and Entertainment!


AfroSolo Theatre Company’s mission is to nurture, promote and present African American and African Diasporan art and culture through solo performances and the visual and literary arts. Since 1994, we have presented the annual AfroSolo Arts Festival, a forum for African Americans and the larger African Diaspora, as a way to give voice to the unique experience of being Black. Through art, we bring people of all ethnicities together to explore and share the human spirit that binds us all.


World wide respect and adoration
of Black people and our art and culture


Each Black person has intrinsic value

Artistic excellence

Artistic experimentation

Exalt the diversity of the Black experience

Respect individual and collective acts of cultural uplift, empowerment and

Black Lives Have Always Mattered

Black Lives Matter – our experiences, voices and identities is the very concept AfroSolo was founded upon in 1993. This movement is needed more than ever. I wanted to provide forums for Black people to give an authentic voice to our experiences. I decided on the solo format to pay homage to the griot form of storytelling and the reduced costs associated with ensemble theatre.

Afro Solo began presenting theatre-based works that expanded to dance, music, spoken word, visual arts, poetry and, other multi-disciplined mediums as a means to develop the different ways our stories are told.

We showcase Black diversity by presenting male, female, youth, mature, LBGTQ, straight, and artists with disabilities. It has also been our modus operandi to offer an assortment of works per performance. The idea is that each artist can give a glimpse of what it means to be Black. Each glimpse adds to the mosaic of who we are. We have presented works that explore our heritage, civil rights, sexuality, spiritual practices, community engagement, social justice, and the love, joy, anger, and pain associated with our experience.

We have hosted workshops on developing works, convened panels related to Black art, and participated on numerous boards, committees, and panels.

An overriding principle that we have maintained is that artists must be supported, as required, in their works’ creation, development, and performance. We have offered honorariums and paid artists as our budget allowed.

I will keep working toward the day when BLM isn’t necessary, when our lives are intrinsically valued as the moon, stars, rain and the sun. But, until that time, AfroSolo endeavors to be a sanctuary for Black art, culture, intellect and entertainment giving voice to our experience.

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